Tentative Scientific Sessions

Triage of chest pain (With IHS WG on Imaging)

Case presentation
Approach to the management of chest pain in the ED – Biomarkers
DEBATE: Functional vs. anatomical evaluation of chest pain
● Anatomical approach
● Functional approach – (and is there still a role for stress testing for evaluation?)
The emerging role of CT-FFR in the ED for chest pain

Management of new onset atrial fibrillation

To cardiovert or not and how?
Post-CABG atrial fibrillation: A new look at an old problem
AF during ACS/PCI
AF post non-cardiac surgery

Non-ST-elevation ACS: Update

Mechanisms of ACS
Which diagnostic algorithms should I use?
Antithrombotic therapy
Risk assessment scores
Revascularization – An update

Perioperative acute cardiac care

Myocardial infarction and injury after non-cardiac surgery
Is there still a role for coronary investigation before non-cardiac surgery?
Interpreting pre and post-operative Hs Troponin values
Perioperative transfusion thresholds – New insights

Pulmonary embolism – An update

Case presentation
Pathophysiology and risk stratification
Acute management of PE
Percutaneous treatment for PE
Long term anticoagulation for patients with PE

Non-coronary emergencies in the ICCU

Infective endocarditis – Management and indications for surgery
Aortic dissection: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge
Valvular emergencies – Evaluation and management
Shock due to dynamic LVOT obstruction

Out of hospital sudden cardiac death (With Society of Resuscitation)

Epidemiology and outcome of out-of-hospital sudden death
Novel approaches for the management of sudden death in the community
Revascularization for all?
Hypothermia – current approaches
ECMO-assisted CPR

Point of care imaging in acute cardiac care

Non-invasive hemodynamics – Tips and tricks
Echocardiography during cardiac resuscitation
Lung ultrasound – A tool for the CCU physician

New trends in structural heart disease: TAVI

DEBATE: TAVI is the modality of choice for low risk AS
Conduction abnormalities during and post TAVI
Antithrombotic therapy and biological valve thrombosis
When is the patient beyond TAVI?

ICU and ICCU: Ongoing cross-talk (With the Israeli Society of Intensive Care)

Troponin elevation in the critical patient – What does it mean?
Non-invasive vs. invasive ventilation in the cardiac patient
Management of sepsis in the cardiac patient – Is it different?
Delirium in the CCU

Dilemmas in pharmacological therapy post ACS/PCI

Beta-blockers post-MI in the modern era – Do they still have a role?
Lipid management: Beyond statins
Treating the diabetic patient
Antithrombotic therapy beyond the first year, which and for whom?
How to manage bleeding on DAPT

ACS: Special populations

Pregnancy associated MI
The elderly patient – Should we treat differently?
Gender differences in pathogenesis
Patients with renal failure

Acute heart failure I (With the IHS WG on HF)

Medical therapy for AHF – An update
Pharmacologic and ventilatory management of acute pulmonary edema
Hyperkalemia and HF: Clinical significance and therapeutic options
AHF in the patient with cancer
The utilization of CMRI in patients with AHF

Acute heart failure II

DEBATE: Revascularization for the patient in cardiogenic shock
● Culprit only
● Complete revascularization
Contemporary treatment of cardiogenic shock – assist device update
Extracorporeal support
HF from CCU to home: Devices and strategies to avoid a round-trip ticket

EP emergencies in the CCU (With the IHS WG of EP)

AF during ACS – The optimal antiarrhythmic management
VT storm
Emergencies in patients with implanted devices
Management of device infection
Evaluation of the post sudden death patient with no organic heart disease

MINOCA: Myth or reality?

Diagnostic evaluation of the patient with MI and normal coronary arteries
Coronary spasm

Type 2 MI

Case presentation
Definition and classification
Diagnostic approach: Who should have coronary angiography and when?
Pharmacological management and prognostic implications


ST elevation – not always what you think
Non-culprit intervention
The patient arriving late after STEMI
What is the optimal length of stay? – Early discharge post STEMI
Beyond revascularization – Interventions for reducing infarct size

Pre-hospital therapy of ACS (With MADA)

Antiplatelet therapy
Oxygen therapy
OHCA – Pre-hospital consideration
Enhancing pre-hospital and ICCU collaboration

Keynote Lecture

Myocardial infarction and non-obstructive coronary disease (MINOCA)
C. Noel Bairey Merz, USA

* Subject to change